Design Guidelines Manual

Section II:   Distinctive Details & Features

The Wilson Ranch design style includes a variety of traditional details and features due to the wide range of architectural styles permitted. Examples of these include:

  • Traditional log and/or timber construction detailing referencing the Mountain Camp House style
  • Roof dormer vents in various shapes and sizes
  • Louvered vents at gable ends
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Trellises
  • Chimneys in stone, brick and siding
  • Wood corbels
  • Wainscoting which transitions material change

  • Wood shutters
  • Knee braces at columns and cantilevered elements
  • Frieze boards

Some examples:

                     Stone chimney                                 Chimney located symmetrically at gable end

Wood knee brace & decorative lighting

Trellised accents & exposed roof beam supports

Gable end vent

Stepped stone chimney

Natural log roof brace accents

Ornamental iron work used in a variety of applications