Wilson Ranch Location
Wilson Ranch is located at the confluence of Early Winters Creek and the Methow River in the Methow Valley. The Ranch is situated at an elevation of 2,100 feet at the foot of the North Cascade Mountains. We are immediately adjacent to the North Cascade Scenic Highway 20 and only a mile from the small town of Mazama. The old west town of Winthrop is 16 miles down valley from Wilson Ranch. We are also immediately adjacent to the Okanogan National Forest.

Climatic Zone
The high altitude creates large daily temperature variations; during summer months, variations of as much as 40 degrees are common. The humidity is generally very low, especially during the snowy winter months. Seasonal snowfall ranges from 10 to 15 feet per year, with short-term accumulations of four feet occurring often. The high Cascades west of Wilson Ranch greatly affect the area’s climate. Average annual precipitation at Wilson Ranch is about 24 inches. Annual cumulative snowfall averages 10 to 15 feet per year, which represents 80 percent of the total moisture. Approximately 80 percent of the precipitation occurs during the five-month period of November through March. Summers are characterized by long dry periods, warm days and cool nights.

Wilson Ranch is located in a very unique landscape. It is located in the Intermountain transition zone between the North Cascade Mountains, the Columbia River Basin, and the Cascade Mountain Range, an alpine region that protects Wilson Ranch from moisture laden Pacific storms.

The Wilson Ranch in a leadership role with our environment and the community.
At Wilson Ranch, we are committed to maintaining the natural character and quality of the area under our care. We are committed to living in balance with the ecosystem we share with both wild creatures and our human neighbors.

A Wilson Ranch priority is the long-term protection of clean air, clean water, sustainable wildlife habitat, and scenic vistas, as well as the protection of the rural lifestyle that characterizes the Methow Valley.

Here is how we seek to achieve harmony with our natural setting and how you can help.

Our activities

  • Jack’s Hut information center is staffed by individuals who hike, bike, ski, boat and ride horses in the area. They are current on conditions and can help plan your activity.
  • The environmental library in the Freestone Inn is a source for information on numerous local issues of our area.
  • Fishing in Freestone Lake is “catch and release, flies only”.
  • Guided nature tours will give a hands on experience of the local environment.
  • Wilson Ranch emphasizes non-motorized trail based recreation on the property.
Our planning and construction
  • Low volume timed watering and drip system irrigation is used on all landscaping
  • ·All buildings use energy efficient sustainable construction.
  • A stream rehabilitation project has been initiated in Early Winters Creek.
  • Open space for mule deer movement through the property is assured.
  • Drought tolerant native species are used on all disturbed sites and landscaping.
  • Buildings and site improvements blend with existing topographic forms and vegetation. Building materials have an indigenous character in terms of color, texture, lighting and scale.
  • All buildings consider visually sensitive areas such as meadows and view corridors.
  • Natural appearing berms have been designed into the resort setting to limit noise and help maintain the visual values of the area.
  • Outdoor lights are designed to only illuminate small areas thus limiting the impact of light on the rural setting.
  • Buildings are designed to fit with the existing landscape and vegetation.
  • Construction meets standard wildfire protection guidelines.
  • All utility lines are underground.
  • Preservation of old structures was achieved in the reconstruction of the original six Early Winters cabins.

Our management

  • Our staff is knowledgeable of local plants and wildlife and can provide suggestions as to how to observe, learn more, and avoid disturbing species that are in the area.
  • A majority of our employees are local and can help tell you what’s “in” and what ’s not in our community.
  • Freestone recycles all aluminum.
  • Freestone supports the local community through youth sports, the Methow Conservancy, the Methow Sports Trail Association, Methow Arts Alliance, events, festivals and educational scholarships.
  • Employee housing is provided.

And you, our Guests

  • Make learning about our local environment a part of your visit.
  • Become current on the best and latest low impact techniques to use in our area.
  • Respect our room policy that restricts noise in the evening hours.
  • Reuse linen and towels when ever possible to save water use.
  • To protect vegetation walk on established trails and walkways. In winter, do not walk on ski trails.
  • Outdoor fires, fireworks and discharge of firearms is not permitted.
  • All facilities are a “smoke free” environment.
  • Please leave your pets at home thus minimizing your impact on wildlife.
  • We are open for suggestions as to how we can be even more environmentally aware.

Please help us in our commitment to live in balance with our environment.