Design Guidelines Manual
Section II:   Materials & Color

     Roof Material

Appropriate Materials include:

  • Asphalt (heavy profile dimensional architectural 30 year min.) and slate shingles
  • Standing seam metal roof on trail side and Elsie’smeadow lots only (color selection must be submitted to the Committee for approval).
  • Monochromatic or single color roof shingles discouraged, combinations of earth tones to gray tones are preferred.
  • Use of copper, terne, zinc, etc. will be allowed as accents (bay/bow widows, porticos, finials.
  • Emphasize dark colors

log home detailing & design is encouraged

Inappropriate Materials include:

  • Flat roofs except at covered porches and entry porticos
  • Concrete or clay roof tiles
  • Metal roofs on lakeside lots
  • All other roofing materials not mentioned are prohibited


  • Stone, brick and siding and in combinations are acceptable
  • Exposed metal flues are not acceptable
  • Caps must be painted to complement the home

       Windows, Doors and Garage Doors

  • Wood, painted aluminum and vinyl windows are permitted
  • Natural aluminum is prohibited
  • All tilted glazing will be subject to the approval of the Committee
  • Wood tilt-up, barn style and sectional roll-up garage doors are permitted and encouraged
  • Garage door colors should blend into the overall color scheme to de-emphasize the prominence of the door


Appropriate Materials include:

  • Designed as an integral part of the roof
  • Glazing must be clear or solar bronze
  • Framing material must be bronze or color to match the roof

Inappropriate Materials include:

  • Reflective glazing
  • Natural aluminum framing

        Flashing and Sheet Metal

        All flashing and sheet metal must be colored to match adjacent material


  • All vent stacks and pipes must be colored to match the adjacent roof or wall material
  • Vent stacks should be grouped on the side or at a location on the house where they are less visible
  • Vents should not extend above the ridge line