Design Guidelines Manual

Section II:   Roof Form & Configuration

  • Primary roof forms of gables and hips with multiple combinations
  • Shed roofs may be applied to main roof forms at porches, garages, and entrances
  • Roof pitches ranging from 4:12 to 12:12, shed roof pitch may be reduced to 3:12 when appropriate
  • Punctured roof planes with window or vented dormers
  • Minimum of 12" eave overhang
  • Second stories blended into one story roof plane.
  • Roof materials of cedar shakes, slate, dimensional architectural shingles and copper

Some examples:

Various fascia & rake profiles

Contemporary design with shed roof forms

Unique dormer design in a symmetrical arrangement

Various combinations of roof forms

Dormer windows with large roof overhangs

Log roof rake supported with knee brace