Shaping Mazama donation opportunity

November 16th, 2023

The time is now to guide the layout of the Mazama commercial core to be more than a crossroads of random development. The plan we are presenting was created largely by the community of stakeholders. Much of the work has been completed, and we are ready to finalize and implement the remaining features.

Please visit this website for more information and for donation links:


Orientation Park, proposed at the four way intersection to Mazama, is about 60′ x 80′ in size. The land was made available through boundary adjustments by key landowners, but is owned by Okanogan County, and under the management of Methow Trails. The park is intended to provide a positive feeling of arrival in Mazama. It will introduce visitors to the environmental and cultural setting of our community, and will be an area with a pleasing aesthetic to both to locals and visitors.

To contribute to this effort, consider a donation of:

  • $500 or more (sponsorship) to sponsor Orientation Park features (i.e., a tree or a bench)

  • $5,000 or more (legacy) to help fund the kiosk, information panels, or landscape pavers

  • all donation amounts are greatly appreciated!

Sponsorship and Legacy donations will be memorialized in the Orientation Park