Visitor Information


Parking is only permitted in your designated driveway (this is especially important in the winter months to allow for safe and effective plowing). No on street parking is permitted, including gravel areas on the road shoulder. If short-term parking is required, vehicles can park in the lot next to the garbage and recycling center. Trailers and RVs must get management approval prior to long-term storage.

Trail use

Please observe and use only marked trails for skiing and hiking. Note that ATV and snowmobile use is not permitted anywhere within the Wilson Ranch community. Respect private properties and stay within common public areas.

Garbage and Recycling

Individual homes are not offered garbage pickup at the residence. Renters need to personally transport recycling and garbage to the community trash facility. All recycling must be separated out and placed in the appropriate bins—note that recycling does not accept glass. Dispose of garbage only in the designated dumpster. Leaving bags of trash on the floor is not permitted if the dumpster is full. (Waste Management will not pick up and dispose of trash bags piled on the floor.) In the instance of occasional heavy seasonal volume, please use the overflow garbage bin provided in the trash facility. Always use the dumpster to its full use before using any overflow containers.

Burning/Fire pit use

All residents and guests must follow local Burn Restrictions and Burn Bans during the summer months.

A Burn Restriction allows for recreational fire pit use only if specific criteria are met:

  1. Recreational fires must be contained within a concrete, rock, or steel ring.
  2. The flames can be no higher than 2 feet.
  3. The fire pit cannot be located within 25 feet of a structure or combustible materials.
  4. Recreational fires must always be attended and need to be thoroughly extinguished.
  5. Burning of garbage or other waste is not authorized at any time.

A Burn Ban prohibits any outdoor burning of any kind. Fire pit and charcoal grill use are not permitted during this time, but propane grills are still allowed.

Please check the Okanogan County website for the most current Burn Ban information:

Pet Policy

In order to protect the wildlife which is native to Wilson Ranch, all dogs belonging to residents or guests must be kenneled and/or leashed. They must be under direct human supervision at all times and not allowed to roam freely. Household pets, such as dogs and cats, must be contained within the owner’s or renter’s property, and are not permitted to run at large at any time. 

Lake use

Two designated beaches (North Beach and South Beach) are available to residents and guests for entry into the lake. To keep the shoreline in good health and to prevent erosion, please avoid any other areas along the lakeshore and stick to the trail. This is a fly-fishing lake only; bait fishing is not permitted. Please use catch and release methods.


Please do not leave air mattress, rafts, and other inflatable devices unattended along the lake and adjoining common area. When left, these devices impact the view of the natural setting and quickly harm the plants as they are damaged/killed by the heat of the sun under the vinyl.


Respect those who live full time in Wilson Ranch and other guests and renters. Please be aware of and comply with Okanogan County noise ordinances (Quiet time from 10:00pm through 8:00am). This applies to use of private residences, the trail system, and the lake area. Noise travels easily across the lake and through the valley and can impact the ability of others to enjoy the peaceful experience that Wilson Ranch offers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


To respect the privacy of residents, recreational drone use is not permitted at Wilson Ranch without management authorization.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Freestone Inn and/or rental cabins, please contact them directly:                                            509-996-3906